Monday, July 23, 2012

I have been lost to the sweetness of summer, I swear I'll come back for you in the fall.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I loved you once

Really, I did.

A sweet candied apple kind of love
a legs wide open, love
a love that knew each
and every one of my secrets.

Do you remember the night that I wrote testaments across your body?

Paint brush in hand

You a moonlit canvas, pale as washed wool.

I dreamt mad Van Gogh blue skies,
wrapped up with you

Together we were dripping swirls of moonlight 
as we layed tangled together
our clothes strewn across dimpled sheets
our bodies smothering the floor

We tossed about
 drunk on that cool summer breeze that blew in
just in time
as I held you still with a kiss.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Word Experiment # 11 A Ribbon Around Your Finger

Remember to Float

They asked me why I do not fly,
I told them it’s not that I don’t know how too,
I just need to be closer to the earth right now.

They asked me why I do not close my eyes
I told them it’s because I see so much better when they are open

They asked me how I move so quickly 

I tell them that I am pure electricity

I am plugged into each person that passes me on the street

I hear your thoughts way be for you do

A loud clatter of endless chatter

A bundle of extension cords twisting together

At night I reach over and unplug every cord
I turn you all off 
cause none of you are turning me on

All my connections are being shut down

They ask me why I do not sleep
I guess I’ve just never known how
But tonight, even with the moon calling to me
I am cutting these cords
One by one I am handing them back

Sometimes I float,
For, I have always know how to fly
But what I like best is floating
Just like being in water weightless
The water takes you and you are blameless

The first time I had my cords cut
I floated up
So quickly
I was unrooted 
No way to get down
Who would want to?

I had never been this free
Not one single cord 
Tied up or anchoring me

May 2, 2012 at 2:44 PM


Monday, April 2, 2012

Word Experiment # 10 Spirit Animal


In many religions and systems, a spirit animal or guide is said to be a representation of your skills and traits that you are supposed to learn or already have. It can also be a representation of who you are or what you want to be. It can also be your protector and in many cases a person may have more than one spirit animal. Who are yours?


I can feel all of you writhing together
Pooling your heat
You are hot wires running through me
Electric as you cover
Your thin bodies wrapping themselves tightly
racing like wind to a wildfire
You are covering me in flame

Dangerous animals are fleeing these woods
as you turn figure eights
creating paths of orange and red
trails of yellow to black to ash

Heat escapes me as my temperature is rising

All my rusty pieces are melting down
Cauterizing forgotten wounds
Words I never had the courage to say
You are showing me how to shed my illusions
My limitation are falling to the wind like the cherry blossoms 

You are whispering to me
I hear you in a hiss

A kiss

A wave

A caress

Letting me know that now is time to let go
Time to open up both hands
for there is nothing left worth holding on to
except for myself

Theses walls I have built are melting
and I have outgrown this skin

I am shedding fear like all the years of lost lovers
that have forever slipped from these hand sewn covers

I am dancing past bodily sensations
No longer mortal,
for I have tasted death,
birth and again death

So I am bridging the gap between this world and that

I can not go back
I am forever changed

I can see through you
Your heart beating
A ruby gem the size of a fist

My hand no longer needs to be a fist

My mind is open
I am invisible
I am close to the ground
Linked to the underworld
I hear every footstep
Every sound
I am the guardian of sacred spaces
the keeper of hidden knowledge
I take shape, I have many forms
I am the messenger
Elusive and uncontainable

Patiently, I will wait.

For we have much work to do
and you must be ready.

(I have 2 spirit animals a group of snakes and a polar bear that kinda hangs out in the background, he will get his own poem a little later, this was hard, again i feel like there maybe 2 poems in one. I really do need to learn how to edit.)

April 12, 2012 at 9:38 AM

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Word Experiment # 9 Forlorn

Bring me someone new fast

No wait,

Bring me someone who is fast

and maybe together we can fall 

through these sleepless nights

like stars that burn out,

we will slip awkward, as we dip

fluttering like ash

we will darken the summer sky

filling it with heavy grays and whites

We will become a flash of tumbling embers,

just built to spill 

Ready to turn the desert to glass

Only to shatter it as we hit

I swear, we could,

if you’d just take the chance

and bring me someone new


I am on free fall

I’m broken winged and burning out

Couldn’t you just bring me some one quick?

So I can be someone else for a while

If only for a bit

So I can examine there lips

closely with mine

make sure that they are the perfect fit

Together we will stop time

and smash this paper weight world

with our laughter and forever 21 kisses

It will take the cake

Be the bees knees

and I will fall asleep

floating in the softness

of nocturnal spontaneity

March 25, 2012 at 4:29 PM

Monday, March 19, 2012

Word Experiment# 8 Chrysalis

1. a. pupa or butterfly
    b. the enclosing case covering the pupa
2. a protecting cover: a sheltered state or state of being or growth